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Video Tour in Geylang

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Launching of Book - Singapore Sex Guide 2009

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Dear All,

As I’m becoming busier and busier each day, I’ve decided to retire from blogging - partly because I have too many emails to reply - mostly by you blokes out there who want to know more about the commercial sex scene in Singapore.

To date, I’ve covered from legal brothels to hanky panky joints, from Geylang to Orchard Towers, sexy Thai prostitutes to Lady Boys etc. Many foreigners seem to look for such information before they touch down in our country.

From today onwards, you no longer need to do your own research by clicking through all the past entries. I’ve compiled the information into a book which I’m going to launch. This book will cover:

1. ALL the places in Singapore where you can feel welcumed, including where the local men go.

2. Non-inflated market rates for locals, so you will not get ripped off.

3. Culture Information - The protocols, and the DOs / DON’Ts to prevent yourself getting into trouble with whores, locals or authorities.

4. Directory Listing- Compilation of addresses and telephone numbers you may be interested to have e.g. Social Escort Agencies

The book is currently available in all major bookstores in Singapore.

If you prefer to purchase a soft copy which you can download immediately over the Internet (will be thoughtfully billed as a bunch of numbers on your credit card statement), you may purchase the e-Book at ONLY USD19.90.

I can still be contacted via rogertan at welcumed dot com but I can only entertain queries pertaining to the book. If you are a customer who have purchased the book, I am also willing to entertain some of your weird questions about the commercial sex scene in Singapore. :)

P.S: For future thank-you messages or testimonials for the book, I’ll be happier if you could indicate your age and country, thanks ;)

PPS: I do not wish to be interviewed or featured on your news article, TV programme or research projects. Please do not contact me for such requests!

PPPS:BEWARE OF COUNTERFEIT as it has come to my attention that there is an identical title trying to pass off as the original. Make sure the author’s name is Roger TAN before you buy!

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Roger TAN
Your Virtual Singapore Sex Tourguide

All Rights Reserved 2008

Some pictures in the book:

geylang prostitutes
Geylang: China Prostitutes

vietnam doing pole dance in joo chiat pub
Vietnamese Pole Dancer

sexy social escorts
A sexy local social escort

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